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  In response to the recommendations of the Minerva Review Committee (November, 2003), we decided to initiate Minerva Workshops. Each workshop focuses on one main theme, and includes several lectures, followed by open discussions. Members of the Minerva Center, graduate students, and external researchers involved in the projects of the Center, participate in the workshops, gaining the opportunity to produce a synergy of ideas that can inspire significant future collaborative research.


Here is a list of Minerva workshops held on 2013:

 The 19th Minerva Workshop: Belfer Memorial Symposium on Decisions Under Severe Uncertainty (January 2013)

The 18th Minerva Workshop: Workshop on Loss Aversion and Decisions (January 2013)

Here is a list of Minerva workshops held on 2012:

The 17th Minerva Workshop: Workshop on Decisions and Emotional Expressions (June 2012)

The 16th Minerva Workshop: Workshop on Competition and Impression (May 2012)

The 15th Minerva Workshop: Workshop on Cognition and Organizational Behavior: in Honor of Daniel Gopher and Miriam Erez (May 2012)