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    1998 - 1999


       Prof. Gideon Keren, Eindhoven University of Technology

When is p= .90 Preferred to p= .70? A dispositional-potency approach to lay interpretations of probability statements

Prof. Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia

On the lawfulness of grouping by proximity

Dr. Rachel Barkan, Indiana University

Decreasing risk-taking: The reinforcement value of non-payoff information in accident preventing tasks

Prof. Ronald Fisher, Florida International University

Viewing conditions and metacognitive judgments as predictors of accuracy of eyewitness memory

Prof. Gordon Winocur, Rotman Research Institute

The neuropsychology of memory: A comparative approach  

Prof. Fritz Strack, University of Würzburg

The regulation of human judgment – preconditions, strategies, and bases of knowledge  

       Prof. Ruthi Kimchi, Haifa University

Perceptual organization of visual objects: A microgenetic analysis.

Prof. Ido Erev, Technion         

The value of cognitive game theoretic analysis of choice behavior

Prof. Christina Meinecke, Max Planck Institute, Munich

Texture segmentation and the effect of retinal eccentricity

Prof. Tom Wallsten, University of North Carolina

Cognitive models of judgment and their implications to optimal combination of N judgments.

Prof. Roger Remington, NASA-Ames

The effects of free flight on the detection of traffic errors by controllers