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Seminars and Lectures

We conduct a series of Minerva Seminars. The seminars are intended to fasten cooperation between Minerva members in the two sites and to lead to more collaborative projects. Minerva Lectures are also open to the academic community in both the University of Haifa and the Technion.


      A list of Minerva Seminars conducted on 2011-2012 with links to their abstracts:

      Dr. Sabina Kleitman

       The model of Self-confidence and its calibration through the eyes of the individual differences approach:
      Their generality and their role in learning and decision-making

Dr. Shira Elqayam

Inferring normative values from descriptive premises

Prof. Albert F. Smith  

Insufficiency of a letter route for word identification

Dr. Assaf Botzer  

Strategic behavior, single decisions and user effort when using binary cues 

Prof. Michael Kubovy

Audio-visual objects

Prof. Marlene Behrmann  

Complementary neural representations for faces and words

Prof. Sarah Berger  

Cognition in motion: Decision-making in infants' adaptive locomotion

       A list of Minerva Seminars conducted on 2000-2003 with links to their abstracts:        

Dr. Andrea Kiesel

Parallel activity of task sets - evidence from subliminal priming in task switching

Dr. Nira Liberman

Construal level theory: Implications for construal, prediction and evaluation

Dr. Dominique Lamy

The role of bottom-up in attentional capture

Prof. Albert “Skip” Rizzo

Virtual reality application to psychology

Prof. Endel Tulving

Episodic memory: In what sense is it unique?

       Dr. Nachshon Mieran, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva,Israel

A modeling framework for identifying global strategies in switching between speeded classification tasks

       Prof. David C. Plaut, Carnegie-Mellon University

How important is starting small in language acquisition?  

Dr. Marlene Behrmann, Carnegie-Mellon University

Perceptual organization in visual agnosia

Prof. Endel Tulving, University of Toronto and Rotman Institute

Episodic Memory: Historical Perspective  

Prof. Andries F. Sanders, Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam

Modeling results on short-term memory

Prof. Wolfgang Schneider, University of Würzburg

Memory development: Traditional positions and recent trend

Prof. Aaron Ben-Zeev, University of Haifa

Feeling and logic: What is the human intelligence?


       A list of Minerva Seminars conducted on 1998-1999 with links to their abstracts:        

Prof. Gideon Keren, Eindhoven University of Technology

When is p= .90 Preferred to p= .70? A dispositional-potency approach to lay interpretations of probability statements

Prof. Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia

On the lawfulness of grouping by proximity

Dr. Rachel Barkan, Indiana University

Decreasing risk-taking: The reinforcement value of non-payoff information in accident preventing tasks

Prof. Ronald Fisher, Florida International University

Viewing conditions and metacognitive judgments as predictors of accuracy of eyewitness memory

Prof. Gordon Winocur, Rotman Research Institute

The neuropsychology of memory: A comparative approach  

Prof. Fritz Strack, University of Würzburg

The regulation of human judgment – preconditions, strategies, and bases of knowledge  

       Prof. Ruthi Kimchi, Haifa University

Perceptual organization of visual objects: A microgenetic analysis.

Prof. Ido Erev, Technion         

The value of cognitive game theoretic analysis of choice behavior

Prof. Christina Meinecke, Max Planck Institute, Munich

Texture segmentation and the effect of retinal eccentricity

Prof. Tom Wallsten, University of North Carolina

Cognitive models of judgment and their implications to optimal combination of N judgments.

Prof. Roger Remington, NASA-Ames

The effects of free flight on the detection of traffic errors by controllers