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    2015 - 2016


     Prof. Victor Kuperman
     How word learning affects word representation

     Dr. Sabina Kleitman
     Decision making within differing contexts: Individual difference and group dynamics

     Panel Discussion with Prof. Daniel Kahneman Nobel Prize Laureate for Economic Sciences ]Video] [Short interview]

     Dr. Daniel M. Bernstein
     I knew it and so did you! Social cognition across the lifespan

     Prof. Amnon Rapoport
     Distributed choice of routes in networks with mixed externalities

     Dr. Orna Rosenthal
     The role of global-local competition for attention in Motion-induced blindness

     Dr. Tali Leibovich
     From “sense of number” to “sense of magnitudes”

     Dr. Andrei Teodorescu
     Modeling decision processes - insights into cognitive mechanisms, clinical populations and non-classical theories of mental states