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Research Topics

Metacognition of Learning and Memory

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in metacognitive processes, with the topic of metacognition pulling under one roof researchers from traditionally disparate areas of investigation. Undoubtedly, the Minerva team is one of the leading groups in this development. The work in this area addresses the following topics:

  • Metacognitive Processes in Learning
  • The Subjective Confidence in One's Decisions
  • The Strategic Regulation of Memory Accuracy and Informativeness

Researchers: Prof. Asher Koriat, Prof. Morris Goldsmith.

Visual Perception and Attention
A great deal of research has been conducted in the context of the Minerva Center on a diversity of central topics in the area of visual perception and attention. These topics include:

  • Visual Perceptual Organization
  • Object and Face Perception
  • Mechanisms of Visual Attention
  • Applications to Human Factors

Researchers: Prof. Ruth Kimchi, Prof. Yaffa Yeshurun, Prof. Morris Goldsmith.

Decision Making

Classical studies of human decision making tend to focus on decisions from description. They examine how people decide when they can rely on a complete description of the incentive structure. Our study of decisions from experience complements the classical approach with a focus on decisions that are made based on incomplete description of the incentive structure. That is, situations in which people have to rely on their past experience. Our studies highlight five classes of potentially interesting and important observations:

  • The Experience-Description Gap
  • The Basic Properties of Decisions from Experience, and Alternative Models
  • Individual differences
  • Attentional Theory of Losses
  • Small Decisions and Human Factors

Researchers: Prof. Ido Erev, Prof. Eldad Yechiam.

Skill Acquisition and Training

Training and development of skills with a focus on executive control processes and coping with high demand tasks, has been central to our research program at the Minerva center since its inception, developing conceptual framework and research approach employed in our studies. Skill and expertise level are the most powerful differentiator between individuals in the performance of any given task.

 Researchers: Prof. Daniel Gopher, Prof. Ido Erev, Prof. Eldad Yechiam.