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    2000 - 2003


      Dr. Andrea Kiesel

Parallel activity of task sets - evidence from subliminal priming in task switching

Dr. Nira Liberman

Construal level theory: Implications for construal, prediction and evaluation

Dr. Dominique Lamy

The role of bottom-up in attentional capture

Prof. Albert “Skip” Rizzo

Virtual reality application to psychology

Prof. Endel Tulving

Episodic memory: In what sense is it unique?

Dr. Nachshon Mieran, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva,Israel

A modeling framework for identifying global strategies in switching between speeded classification tasks

Prof. David C. Plaut, Carnegie-Mellon University

How important is starting small in language acquisition?

Dr. Marlene Behrmann, Carnegie-Mellon University

Perceptual organization in visual agnosia

Prof. Endel Tulving, University of Toronto and Rotman Institute

Episodic Memory: Historical Perspective  

Prof. Andries F. Sanders, Vrije Universiteit at Amsterdam

Modeling results on short-term memory

Prof. Wolfgang Schneider, University of Würzburg

Memory development: Traditional positions and recent trend

Prof. Aaron Ben-Zeev, University of Haifa

Feeling and logic: What is the human intelligence?