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Presentations from the meeting


University of Haifa

Rama Amishav
  (Introduction: Prof. Ruth Kimchi)

The role of component and configural properties in face perception

Rakefet Ackerman
(Introduction: Dr. Morris Goldsmith)
Resolving the accuracy- informativeness conflict in question answering: a new grain-control model

Dr. Hamutal Kreiner
(Introduction: Prof. Asher Koriat)

Prosody as a window to structural processing in reading       

Dr. Yaffa Yeshurun
The effects of transient attention on temporal and spatial aspects of perception



Eyal Ert
(Introduction: Prof. Ido Erev)
Loss aversion: an empirical phenomenon, or an interesting hypothesis

Gilly Koritzki
(Introduction: Dr. Eldad Yechiam)

On the robustness of decision tasks to response distortion

Nirit Gavish
(Introduction: Prof. Daniel Gopher)

The influence of descriptive information and experience on trust in decision support systems

Prof. Daniel Gopher, Dr Stas Krupenia, Dr. Dror Lev, and Nirit Gavish
Skills: Multimodal Interfaces for Capturing and Transfer of Skill