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Presentations from the meeting


Prof. Mitchell G. Ash, University of Vienna
Talk: Max Wertheimer

Dr. Joel Norman
Velocity perception and the two visual systems

Dr. Morris Goldsmith
Metamemory processes mediate the credibility of children's memory reports

Dr. Ainat Pansky
A Novel Graduate Course: Integrative, self-operated software tools for the implementation of cognitive research

Dr. Pe'erly Setter
Changing dynamic monoscopic video into stereoscopic video

Ravit Levy-Sadot
Experience-based judgments: Processes, biases, and the ability to overcome them

Hamutal Kreiner
Prosodic Representation in Reading: The Contribution of Structural Information

Limor Sheffer
The structure of metacognitive abilities: Stability, reliability and relationship to cognitive abilities

Irene Apfeld
Perceptual grouping: A single pre-attentive process, or two operations with a different time course of processing and different attentional demands?