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Presentations from the meeting


Prof. Mitchell G. Ash, University of Vienna
Talk: Max Wertheimer

Dr. Joel Norman
Velocity perception and the two visual systems

Dr. Morris Goldsmith
Metamemory processes mediate the credibility of children's memory reports

Dr. Ainat Pansky
A Novel Graduate Course: Integrative, self-operated software tools for the implementation of cognitive research

Dr. Pe'erly Setter
Changing dynamic monoscopic video into stereoscopic video

Ravit Levy-Sadot
Experience-based judgments: Processes, biases, and the ability to overcome them

Hamutal Kreiner
Prosodic Representation in Reading: The Contribution of Structural Information

Limor Sheffer
The structure of metacognitive abilities: Stability, reliability and relationship to cognitive abilities

Irene Apfeld
Perceptual grouping: A single pre-attentive process, or two operations with a different time course of processing and different attentional demands?


Presentations from the meeting


 University of Haifa

Dr. Pe'erly Setter
Search and Detection in Steroscopic Vision

Meni Yeari
Modulation of Object-Based Attention by Mode of Spatial Cueing: The Role of Attentional Focus

Yaron Alima
Perceptual Advantage for Congruence

Hamutal Kreiner 
Structural Precedence in Reading: The Activation of Prosodic Representation during Reading

Hilit Ma'ayan 
Processes Underlying the Allocation of Self-Paced Study

Rama Amishav 
The Processing of Visually Presented Words: The Advantage of 3, 4, and 5 Letter Words



Dr. Cristina Iani 
Meaurement of Mental Workload in a Complex Aviation Vision

Dr. Lilach Shimoni
Control Processes: A Single or Multiple Dimensions

Eldad Yechiam
Training of a Complex Skill

Greg Barron 
Small Decisions and Small Probabilities

Presentations from the meeting



University of Haifa

Limor Sheffer
The reliability and structure of metacognitive skills and their relationship to cognitive performance

Hamutal Kreiner
From structure to meaning: The contribution of prosodic representation in reading


Allon Kahana
Measurement of workload by peripheral artirial tone (PAT)

Nira Monichor
On the decision among time delays