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Presentations from the meeting


 University of Haifa

Dr. Pe'erly Setter
Search and Detection in Steroscopic Vision

Meni Yeari
Modulation of Object-Based Attention by Mode of Spatial Cueing: The Role of Attentional Focus

Yaron Alima
Perceptual Advantage for Congruence

Hamutal Kreiner 
Structural Precedence in Reading: The Activation of Prosodic Representation during Reading

Hilit Ma'ayan 
Processes Underlying the Allocation of Self-Paced Study

Rama Amishav 
The Processing of Visually Presented Words: The Advantage of 3, 4, and 5 Letter Words



Dr. Cristina Iani 
Meaurement of Mental Workload in a Complex Aviation Vision

Dr. Lilach Shimoni
Control Processes: A Single or Multiple Dimensions

Eldad Yechiam
Training of a Complex Skill

Greg Barron 
Small Decisions and Small Probabilities